Our Specialties



  • Our goal is to create opportunities and provide solutions to help you attain your vision through customized value based solutions
  • Custom training created for your organization to help users within the simulation center
  • Partner with you and create custom simulations for your learners based on specific objectives mutually determined
  • Using vendor neutral expertise, utilize current equipment and adding the right solutions based on current simulation inventory 

Clinical and Academic Solutions

  • Design and develop fundamental training around simulation and debriefing customized for your organization
  • Design and develop custom job descriptions and training programs for simulation roles
  • Design and implement policies and procedures around simulation
  • Design specific simulations for your high risk areas
  • Team building activities to maximize your team effectiveness
  • Outsourcing or co-sourcing training opportunities

Financial Implications

  • Identify high financial risk areas around Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HAC's) and develop strategies to improve reimbursements
  • Identify potential cost reductions from insurers through the use of simulation and data metrics 
  • Provide guidance to help schools utilize the NCSBN study and it's implications to nursing education and school accreditation